3 Ways To Spring Into Fitness

3 Ways To Spring Into Fitness

Spring is upon us, and summer will be here before we know it! A lot of people tend to put off fitness during the holiday season, so getting back into the habit of moving your body can seem very daunting. But the good news is, you don’t have to put in hours in the gym every day to achieve optimal health. The most important key is consistency!

3 Tips to Start Your Spring/ Summer Fitness Plan

1) Commit to 15 minutes, 3 Days per week

Everyone has 15 minutes! Even if you have to break up your 15 minutes into a few sessions throughout the day! Breaking up your workout into shorter segments helps a lot of people stay consistent. Walking around every hour at work, doing squats everytime you go to the bathroom, or push-ups during commercial breaks… all of these small actions build up overtime! Don’t underestimate the power of small, consistent actions!

2) Find an Accountability Partner

This is huge! Whether this is someone you meet up with in person, or someone you text gym pics to at 6:00am to prove you’re about to run, having someone to help keep you accountable is what can really take your health to the next level! This is something that I personally have to have! There are mornings that staying in my warm bed sounds way more comfortable than working out, but I know that I have friends that also woke up early and will be waiting for me. Having an accountability partner will change your life.

3) Stretch Every Night

Whether you are stretching for 2 minutes before bed, or doing a 20-minute yoga routine, taking the time to stretch and care for your body is highly important! Not only will it help prevent injuries as you move your body more during the week, but it will also help with overall body awareness and stress management! For me, it also helps me wind down so I fall asleep more easily (and better sleep means better healing). So, take a few minutes and create a nightly habit of stretching!


Small consistent actions are how you create sustainable success with any lifestyle changes that you embark on! But I promise you can do this! Remember, 10-minutes of a slow-paced “bad workout” is better than 10-minutes of being lazy on the couch!