About the Unlock Wellness Project

What is the Unlock Wellness Project?

I created the Unlock Wellness Project because I didn’t want to wait to give back. I have a passion for helping the health of as many children as possible, and knew this would be a great way to help on a larger scale. For each purchase in the Unlock Wellness Store–whether my book (Amazon purchases will count too) or Unlock Wellness apparel– a wellness bag will be donated to a child in need. So 1 item purchased= 1 wellness bag donated, 5 items purchased=5 wellness bags donated, and so on…

The Unlock Wellness Project will also be sending wellness bags to victims of natural disasters when they tragically strike.

What does an Unlock Wellness Bag include?

An Unlock Wellness bag is full of non-toxic, chemical free essentials that are desperately needed by these children. Items such as chemical-free toothpaste, a toothbrush, non-toxic shampoo & conditioner, more natural soaps… Some items will be age and gender dependent, such as organic tampons/pads for teenage girls and organic baby wipes for a younger child. All of the items will be in a drawstring backpack and delivered monthly to different organizations.

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