Kind Words from the Unlock Wellness Community

I am so thankful for Dr. Kasey Johnson! I was introduced to her in the last trimester of my pregnancy and wish I would have found her sooner! She was so helpful with everything, despite the fact I live long distance. Not only did she help me find a local chiropractor, she followed up with me after my first appointment and taught me about the benefits of being adjusted, and eventually having my newborn adjusted. She is so knowledgeable when it comes to living the most natural, healthy life style with chiropractic health and essential oils. I couldn’t have found…

Justine G.

Dr. Kasey has helped change my life  tremendously. Dr. Kasey introduced me to essential oils and recommend them for my chronic sore throats and sinus infections. Through the use of the Doterra essential oils I was able to discover my deep seeded Candida overgrowth. I have finally found relief after many years of suffering. Dr. Kasey has been a wonderful support through my journey. I am extremely thankful God has brought her into my life as a consultant and friend.

Crystal H.

Love Dr. Kasey Johnson and the Podcast! SO much valuable info! Thank you!

Amanda C.

Dr. Kasey has great knowledge about health and wellness and it shows through her podcast. As a fellow chiropractor, she hits on key points that make it easy for people to understand all there is to know on this huge topic. She brings in great professionals that are knowledgeable in their field. Overall this is a must podcast to listen to and I have highly enjoyed it. Keep up the great work!!

Dr. Brent Tobin

Dr. Kasey does a great job bringing new health topics to life. All of her podcasts are relatable and informative! You can tell she is very passionate about keeping families healthy. This is by far the best podcast I have downloaded. Keep up the great work!

Dr. Jolene Patterson

What I love about this podcast, you can tell Dr. Kasey has a huge heart for teaching families the truth about health and healing. She brings on experts from many fields to pour into her listeners. Thank you Doc!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Dr. Raul Serrano

I love Dr. Kasey’s heart and dedication to serving families and bring them the truth on health and wellness! Great job Dr. Kasey!

Dr. Suzanne Demers

Our growing family loves Dr. Kasey! Thanks for being an advocate for families and for people!! We love listening to the discussions you have with other healthcare professionals about ways to reach optimal health naturally! Can’t wait to hear more!

Ellie K.

Kasey is passionate about helping everyone! She loves what she does and that really shows. Love it!

Mindy R.

I love this podcast! It’s very informative and hits all areas of the wellness triangle…social, mental/emotional/spiritual, and physical. Kasey is so down to earth and is a great host to listen to. I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting helpful tips on living a healthy life or just wanting to hear great insight from experts in the field!

Rachael S.

Dr. Kasey is an amazing doctor! I listen to her podcast every morning. I always learn something new and she helps me stay motivated. Thank you!

Stephanie K.

I love this podcast! Every guest brings value, and Dr. Johnson always keeps the topics fresh and diverse.

Tyler K.