Episode 107

Episode 107

Episode 107

Bobby Sud has completely transformed his health and life with a plant-based diet. He was overweight, dealing with depression, and was dealing with many obstacles. But, he was able to overcome those obstacles and completely turn his life around.

Bobby’s passion is filmmaking, and his projects and connections are beyond impressive. He’s now able to implement his new passion of the plant-based lifestyle into his work, and it’s only fueling his ambition.

Bobby’s story is amazing, and if he looks familiar, it’s because he is twin brothers with Adam Sud, who was on The Unlock Wellness Podcast on Episode 099! So back and check out Adam’s episode as well! Both of their stories are so inspiring, and the work they are doing to better the world is incredible.

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Also be sure to check out the trailer for Bobby’s new show series, The Road Less Eaten, on YouTube!