Episode 125

Episode 125

Episode 125

Jaye O’Grey has completely transformed her life. After dealing with multiple chronic health issues, she was able to completely turn everything around by implementing a whole food, plant-based diet. In 10 months, she was able to go from 197 lbs to 115 lbs, and has never felt more healthy and happy in her life.

Jaye’s husband, Eric O’Grey, was recently on the podcast, and both of their stories are so amazing. Jaye and Eric went to high school prom together, and after Eric joined the military, they disconnected and went their separate ways. They were able to get in touch 40 years later, got married, and are now helping so many people transform their health and lives. You’re going to love Jaye’s story, and be sure to check out Eric’s episode as well, on Episode 123!

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