Episode 181

Episode 181

Episode 181

Get ready to be inspired. Richard Lima’s story is amazing. He definitely isn’t living the life of an average 47 year old. After becoming a dad at the young age of 16 years old, Richard was forced to drop out of high school to start working to support his family. After discovering modeling and the opportunities that it had the potential to bring him, he decided to work as hard as he could to make his dream a reality. He had no money and no education, but his work ethic was above and beyond. After being turned down by basically every modeling agency in Miami, he decided to walk into one last agency before leaving Miami for good… He reluctantly walked into Ford Model, the most well-known modeling agency in the world… And what happened next was life-changing…

I’m excited for Richard to share his amazing story of overcoming obstacles, never giving up and achieving his goals, as well as how implementing a plant-based diet has taken his health and ultrarunning to the next level.

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