Episode 110

Episode 110

Episode 110

Carly Bergman is an expert in sustainability and is extremely passionate about helping others learn how to decrease the waste that they create, and getting as close to a zero-waste lifestyle as possible. She has also transformed her health with a vegan diet, and her influence is making a huge impact, not only on people’s health, but also for the planet.

Excited to share our conversation! Carly’s passion is contagious, and I know that I personally learned a lot about sustainability during our talk!

Big shoutout to Carly’s boyfriend, Brenden Fitzgerald for connecting me with Carly! They’re both doing amazing work, so be sure to go back and check out my conversation with Brenden in Episode 108!

Keep up with Carly on social media!

Also be sure to check out her Etsy page, where you can find the Zero-Waste Survival Kits that we talked about in the episode, as well as her and Brenden Fitzgerald’s Vegan Hacks E-Book!!!