Episode 128

Episode 128

Episode 128

Dr. Mondo is a licensed therapist and has dedicated himself to fully understanding the psychology of weight loss. Because of his hard work and dedication, he is the only weight loss therapist who has been trusted to work with and analyze past contestants of NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Growing up overweight himself, he had a deep understanding that developing self-love and also developing your “why” of your weight loss, are the most crucial parts of creating sustainable change.

Along his journey, Dr. Mondo also discovered a plant-based diet, and has completely transformed his own health and life. He now hosts a Facebook Live show, called Rewriting My Story, where he speaks to inspiring people every week about how they have also completely changed their lives with a plant-based diet. The positive impact that he is making with his show is going to transform so many people’s perspective on health and mindset.

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