Episode 171

Episode 171

Episode 171

Jordan Bruce is a holistic nutritionist, live blood analyst, and runs a wellness blog called Bruces Roots. She is helping so many people transform their health, and using preventative testing to help customize plans that best work for their body on a cellular level.

In this episode, we talk about Jordan’s wellness journey and how she transformed her health and mindset by switching to a plant-based diet, how having a live blood analysis herself inspired her to go into that profession, how having a live blood analysis can help determine how your organs are functioning, how you are absorbing vitamins and minerals, if you are dealing with unknown parasites, and so much more! We also dive into the importance of DNA testing, and how it can really be a game-changer for your health.

This was such an informative and fun conversation with Jordan, so I’m excited to share it with you guys!

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Products We Discussed:

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  • DNA Power >> Coupon Code: brucesroots